BIDs can be a critical component of an overall revitalization strategy for a business district. BIDs help make a business district competitive by providing a well-managed and marketed environment. BIDs help a neighborhood respond to changing conditions such as the influx of online shopping, manage a combination of fiscal and political will, and keep commercial streets clean, safe, and economically vibrant. 


A BID is a financing mechanism used to provide revenue for a variety of local improvements and services that enhance, not replace, existing municipal services. Typically, BIDs are formed by an ordinance or resolution of local government. Decisions affecting BID revenues are usually made by a board consisting of private property and business owners. To deliver day-to-day services, a BID may have its own staff or may contract with a business district management organization. BIDs are generally independent private non-profit business organizations.

  • Maintenance and Cleanliness

  • Security

  • Communications

  • Marketing

  • Promotions

  • Special Events

  • Economic Development

  • Capital Improvements

What is a BID?

Common BID Services